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About Us:


Publication of Total Quality Management as the first specialized magazine in the field of quality management was published in 2012 with the authorization of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance with bimonthly distribution across the country.

The editorial board of the publication is of collection of professors and faculty members of universities in country and expert in various fields of engineering, management and quality.

This journal was published with the aim of at developing and promoting the culture of total quality management in country, and in each number it has offered specialized papers on the subject, new scientific findings in the field, and specialized interviews with university professors, heads of legislative and executive authorities, and introduction of domestic and foreign books and achievements.

Total Quality Management publication as one of the media sponsors of seminars and conferences related to the topic of Industrial Engineering, Management and Quality Management has always tried to play a role in the development of this culture in country.

This publication was chosen as the selected publication in the second national conference on engineering services coinciding with the National Engineering Day in May 2015.

We hope that we by getting the valuable views of audience of this journal enrich the collection in each issue and take a step in development of scientific span of country.